SOL POWER Plus S.L. was the first Spanish company to market its products in the field of hydro-oxygenated Enhancement Reagents.

Prior to that, its R&D department had already operated an engine with a non-oil-based fuel and developed the first Enhancement Reagent for mixing with traditional fuels, which ensured a higher performance, a lower consumption and a noticeable drop in the levels of pollution due to the combustion of fossil hydrocarbons.

As a result of a whole battery of different analyses, SOL POWER Plus Corporation has managed to consolidate its positioning as a leading company in the sector, overcoming major challenges through its product range, and reinforcing its sales in the private sector both at home and abroad, as well as in an extensive network of service stations throughout the length and breadth of Spain.

September 1991: at a Trade Fair Exhibition held in Salamanca, SOL FUERZA runs a Citroën BX car for the first time using an alternative fuel that is not oil-based.

All this took place before the astonished eyes of a crowd of visitors, which included such dignitaries as HR Prince Philip (now King of Spain), Mr Juan José Lucas, the First Minister of the regional government, the Junta, of Castilla y León, and other leading figures from the political and business circles of the time.

The vehicle in question spent the next few years touring Spain, showcasing and demonstrating the qualities of the SOL FUERZA bio-fuel.

January 1992: the trading company SOL FUERZA S.L. is incorporated under the management of Mr. Francisco Barral Fernandez, with its mission being to distribute its products worldwide.

A large range of exhaustive trials are conducted on the products on a number of different officially endorsed test beds with a view to validating them both technically and mechanically. Over two million kilometres travelled by all kinds of vehicles up to that moment vouched for the products’ mechanical reliability.

These wholly conclusive test results lead to the founding of the Company, and earn us the recognition of our country’s leading mechanical experts.p>

1993: A nationwide distribution network is set up, and members of our staff attend over forty trade fairs and events throughout the length and breadth of Spain, exhibiting and technically showcasing all our products and explaining each and every one of their advantages, which are forever enshrined in our famous slogan: HIGHER PERFORMANCE LOWER CONSUMPTION LESS POLLUTION. Over the course of these years, we receive sundry awards and accolades in recognition of our innovative work in the field of alternative energies.

In spite of the innovative nature of our bio-fuel and the advantages inherent to its use, the conclusion was soon reached that it would not be commercially viable to market because of the multinational interests of large oil companies and their economic-social consolidation.

In view of this, we redesigned our product as an Enhancement Reagent, which involves the same basic concept, albeit physically and chemically adapted to be used for mixing with traditional fuels.

This same year saw the start of our radio advertising on a programme called “Medianoche” [Midnight], which was broadcasted nationwide by the Onda Cero radio station and directed by Antonio José Alés. We have very good and fond memories of the time we stayed up all night at work waiting for calls from customers, who guided and informed by the programme contacted us to buy our products, which we then delivered to them by courier service.

We purchased a BMW Alpina 2002ti TI straight from the factory in order to compete in the Spanish Championship for Classic Sports Cars, and our driver, Daniel Dominguez, recorded magnificent results in this competition, as well as in different mountain rallies.

These competitions once again confirmed the quality of our range of engine products available for cars, as well as their reliability under such demanding conditions, all of which pushed the mechanics to the limit. We were the outright winners of the 1st Rally for Solar and Alternative Energies in L´Ametlla de Mar, and of many others throughout Spain. The SOL FUERZA indoor football team was founded and fully sponsored, playing in Spain’s top division.

In 1994, SOL FUERZA took part in numerous races, which apart from the importance of actually competing corroborated its quality and excellence, with one of the most significant successes being the winning of the Spanish Formula Renault Championship, in which all our products were used.

The drivers Javier Díaz and Daniel Domínguez made up the FAD Sport- SOL FUERZA racing team. At the same time, thorough tests were carried out with our bio-fuel, and with a view to proving its worth we purchased a Rolls-Royce Corniche because of its quality and reliability, and then we showcased it at different fairs and events, and for several years we also used it as a test bed for our products.

In 1995, SOL FUERZA was awarded a number of prizes in Spain, which included the highest accolade for international prestige - Cúspide al Prestigio Internacional – corresponding to 1994.

In 1996, in keeping with our policy on technical testing and sponsoring, we worked with the rider Álvaro Molina, from Granada, who was Spanish champion at the time. The mechanical components on his bikes used our products, once again proving their efficacy, quality and superiority over other products available on the market.

In 1997, the illustrated publication Ecología Internacional awarded us first prize in the category of ecological products..

The accompanying photo provides a detailed explanation of our corporate policy as described by Francisco Barral, managing director of SOL FUERZA.

In 2000, and once again upholding our policy of competing in races and using them as a testing ground, our company recruited Pantxo Egozkue, who for several years was the Spanish and European mountain rally champion..

In response to our international expansion, from then onwards we changed our name from SOL FUERZA to SOL POWER Plus.

In 2001, SOL POWER Plus developed specific products for ships and boats, with one of our customers being the sea rescue company Salvamar.

Our products were used throughout the company’s fleet, given the importance of their utmost technical dependability in its humanitarian and rescue operations, proving their high level of reliability.

In 2002, we were involved in over 40 events throughout Spain, including exhibitions, trade fairs and shows, which constituted an opportunity to provide commercial support for our products and showcase their technical qualities.

In 2003, SOL POWER Plus launched its products in a major market by supplying its Enhancement Reagents to unbranded petrol stations, as these did not have access to high-quality gasoils, e.g. Plus, Extra, etc.

Today, we are honoured to supply over 300 petrol stations all over Spain.

This market has earned the loyalty of numerous customers who use diesel fuels and petrols enhanced with SOL POWER Plus.

In 2004, the R&D department at SOL POWER Plus continued developing specific products designed to protect marine fuels against bacterial contamination.

One of our major customers at that time was the yacht Star-Gate owned by the Emir of Qatar. The members of the crew of this vessel have now moved on to other shipping companies, but they still remain faithful to our products in myriad vessels of this kind.

In 2006, our technical expertise was called upon for joint research with Portugal’s National Railways (TP) with a view to conducting several trials on test beds involving the performance of railway engines.

This entire process was conducted in Barreiro, where the Company’s main workshops are located.

In 2007, as a historical milestone and landmark event, the Spanish Post Office - Correos de España – issued a series of postage stamps bearing our logo.

This collection has been, and indeed still is, highly prized by stamp collectors.

One of the supplementary activities that we have been pursuing over the years at SOL POWER Plus involves ongoing cooperation with, and sponsorship of, numerous sporting activities in our country.

-FORMULA RENAULT, the FAD SPORT racing team (1995/1996). The driver Javier Díaz Matas won the Spanish championship in the year he was sponsored by SOL POWER Plus.
It was sponsored by our brand for six years.

Women’s athletics team, Top division.

- Salamanca University sports team SOL POWER Plus (2002/2003).
Women’s volleyball team.

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