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SOL POWER Plus-Ethical and professional values


Ethical values are an organisation’s defining and lasting principles. As a set of principles of this nature, they do not need any outside justification, as they are of intrinsic importance for anyone who is part of the company. They are values that lie at the heart of a company and cannot be renounced, necessarily guiding all our actions and conduct. They provide the foundations upon which SOL POWER Plus forges mutual trust not only within the company but also with its stakeholders.

At SOL POWER Plus we have four ethical values:

1. Integrity

Impeccable behaviour, reflected in trustworthiness and honesty.

2. Transparency

Appropriate and reliable reporting on our operations, True and verifiable information.

3. Responsibility

Accepting responsibilities, and proceeding accordingly in a due and proper manner.

4. Safety

A high level of safety in processes, installations and services, paying special attention to the wellbeing of employees, contractors, customers, and the local community.


In addition, SOL POWER Plus has defined four professional values that underpin the Company’s competitive advantages. The professional values are capabilities that are shared by employees of SOL POWER Plus and ensure its vision is achieved, its commitments are fulfilled, and that excellence is the hallmark of its management. These values are the characteristics that provide a competitive advantage over others by enabling the organisation to record stable benefits over time through means and approaches that cannot readily be copied by other competitors:

1. Leadership

Management based on motivation, delegation, responsibility, engagement and teamwork that drives the organisation towards its new Vision.

2. Results focus

More flexible and streamlined management with efficient processes.

3. Innovation

A commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring access to information, managing knowledge, and promoting technological development.

4. Customer focus

Pre-empting customers’ needs swiftly and dynamically.