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BIO-POWER is a biocide for mixing with diesel fuels and other fuels for marine engines. Its purpose is to avoid mechanical problems in engines, as well as fuel spoiling, and in the worst case scenario, the engine breaking down at sea due to a fault in the fuel supply caused by its contamination and the blocking of the injection system.

BIO-POWER is an eco-friendly active ingredient liquid compound that directly combats the problems of sludges and bio-contamination. It acts upon the surface of particles by precipitating them, and so rendering them more compatible with aliphatic components.

BIO-POWER considerably increases the amount of oxygen, reducing the speed of sedimentation and permitting the continuous dispersion of the fuel. This avoids the appearance and growth of microorganisms, sludges and bio-sediments, due to the polymerisation caused by changes in pressure, condensation, variation in moisture content, long storage periods, etc.

BIO-POWER is mixed with any type of diesel fuel or any other fuel for diesel engines, regardless of their applications, in a proportion of 5/10,000 litres (0.05%). When the contamination rate is higher, it is advisable to use up to 5/5,000 litres (0.1%).

In view of its preventive nature, BIO-POWER should be used in the recommended proportion when refuelling. It should be added before the fuel, and when used for the first time account should be taken of the litres of diesel fuel already in the tank to ensure the right amount of product is added.

Product packaging:

  • Package of 0,3 liters
    0,3 LPrice:$ 12,90
  • Package of 1 liters
    1 LPrice:$ 32,80
  • Package of 5 liters
    5 LPrice:$ 131,20
  • Package of 25 liters
    25 LPrice:$ 649,00