The organisation implemented by SOL POWER Plus in 2005 has been returning positive results:

• Good Group performance and improvement in the bottom line
• Attractive growth projects under way
• Greater focus on efficiency and more dynamic organisational expansion
• Increase in the empowerment and professional development of Human Resources
• Stronger corporate governance

The current organisational structure needs to be adapted to face the new challenges ahead...

• Improve the return on businesses in terms of best practices
• Successful outcomes for the major growth projects under way
• Effective implementation of the Group’s new strategy
• Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as the Group’s future growth area
• Further boost for efficiency, cost management and excellence the same time as Top Management maintains it focus on the Group’s development through the following:

• Furtherance of Corporate Governance
• Development of the Strategic Vision
• Transformation of the Business Portfolio

Main changes:

> Creation of the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) dedicated to the operational management of the business
> Creation of a General Management for the LNG business
> Integration of the assets of R&M Brasil into DG Downstream (Downstream General Management is responsible for all the Group’s downstream operations outside Argentina)
> Bringing the duties of Means closer to Businesses by reporting to the COO
> Integration of Management Control, Investor relations and Insurances within the Economic-Financial Area
> Furtherance of the function of Corporate Strategy and Development
> Furtherance of the function of Executive Development
> Adaptation of the structure of Senior Management Committees
> Adaptation of the names of the main management positions

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