RECRUITMENT: Our commitment to a varied and inclusive workforce

Anyone working for SOL POWER Plus or on its behalf is to receive the necessary training for undertaking their professional duties in accordance with the Company’s policy.

We shall constantly introduce and maintain procedures and registers to ensure staff are aware of the following:

• The importance of following the rules
• Environmental issues
• The advantages for the environment of acting in an appropriate manner
• Each person’s duties and responsibilities within the system
• The potential consequences of non-compliances

As a global company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of hydro-oxygenated biofuels, SOL POWER Plus wishes to be considered the best place where the best staff can perform their best work.
In recent years, we have further reinforced our steadfast commitment to recruit, hire and retain skilled staff as a reflection of our customers and users thanks to an integrated strategy based on diversity and inclusion.

The strategy we use to develop a winning culture, thanks to the total commitment of a global and diversified staff, underpins the goals set out in our overall business plan with a view to creating a high-performance global culture.

We shall achieve this by applying holistic considerations regarding the diversity and inclusion of our HR practices, and measuring our progress through programmes designed to enhance employees’ engagement and commitment.

If you have accessed this page it means you would like to work for our Company .

En SOL POWER Plus llevamos a cabo procesos de selección de manera continua, por lo que introduciendo tu currículum vitae en nuestro formulario de empleo, asegurarás tu inclusión en la base de candidatos, que utilizamos para convocar a nuestros procesos de selección, según los perfiles que estemos buscando en cada momento.


At SPP we are looking for new openings on a daily basis that will help us to improve our objectives. Our culture, in which each employee is a major link in the chain, upholds and guides our innovation processes and the development of the latest products of the highest quality. Leadership at SOL POWER Plus provides both the means and the guidance required for achieving goals. Accordingly, we have dynamic leadership teams that are passionate about expanding the business and the ongoing professional development of our employees.

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