Professional development at SOL POWER Plus:

At SPP we are dedicated to our employees’ professional development.

We believe in the value that the men and women in our company can contribute through their professional advancement, while at the same time helping to advance our Company and overcome new challenges that will ensure we maintain a position of leadership in our business.

This is the platform for ensuring that the future is ours.
We provide you with openings for pursuing your professional career in our Group.

• Technical, commercial and general training that will provide you with the know-how and skills you require for your advancement.
• Training based on the identification of needs and according to the position to be occupied in the organisation’s structure.
• Mobility towards positions of work, areas of activity and different businesses, within the broad range that a Company with an international outlook such as ours is in a position to offer you.

We consider it of interest, both for the professional involved and for the Company itself, to understand the Group’s different businesses and steadily acquire the competencies required to ensure that our Company can at all times rely on the most suitable and most skilled professionals.

The Human Resources department manages these internal mobility actions, which are either the result of a Personal Development Plan or prompted by the interested parties themselves..

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